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High-Power GaAs FET Amplifiers

John L.B.編集の”High-Power GaAs FET Amplifiers”を読んでの感想

Chapter 1.



The circuit designer wants a device in which the mutual transconductance gm is independent of the gate-source voltage Vgs, so that, among other things, distortion is minimized.

p3, 第一段落より

That gain compression should occur can be deduced directly from the principle of conservation of energy since the RF output power can never exceed the sum of the dc and RF input powers; thus, as the RF input power is increased the gain must decrease if the dc input power remains fixed.

p29, 第一段落より

AM-PM conversion refers to the fact that under large signal conditions the circuit elements C’gs, C’gd, R’i, and g’m depend on the signal level and hence the insertion of phase of the FET is a function of the input signal level.

p29, 第一段落より


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